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This is the Mayor’s and prosecuting DA’s fault. You let them loot and they stole all the prescription drugs which are now being distributed out on the street. So now you get to deal with the associated gang violence and other dealers all looking to mark their turf not to mention all the crimes that are going to be committed by the junkies doing whatever they can to get their next fix.

The article states that during the riot…erm…protest, 160 police officers were injured as well as a bunch of firefighters and the mayor or DA did nothing about it which sends the message that the life of a habitual criminal (14 arrests in 8 years) that was Freddie Gray was more important than those lives of the police officers that serve the community. So with that message being delivered and the streets now full of drugs the mayor put on the streets because of her own incompetence and negligence….what is a cop to do if he or she confronts someone that is under the influence and not of the right mind and becomes aggressive towards the officer?

Is the cop supposed to let the criminal kill them? I mean the cop can’t shoot them now or they will be the next cop brought up on charges. So maybe the cops are just refusing to put themselves in those situations for their own self preservation. Maybe what they are doing now is the best course of action. Let the gangs and other criminals kill themselves to thin out the ranks, then move in and help restore order after the community gets a sobering reminder of the job the police actually do in their community. Maybe then, they will learn to respect and embrace law enforcement instead of turn their backs on them.